Plan for Profit in the New Year intro


Hey, it’s Harvee here. If this is your first experience with us, Inspire, I would like to take this opportunity to be introduced. We’re the guys who help young families use their small business to achieve big goals. We definitely are here to sort out your tax and do the things that accountants are great at doing. Ultimately we want to help you get some great advice about how we can use your business in such a way to fulfil your big goals.

We want to take this opportunity to share with you 5 key ways in which you can boost your profits for this wonderful new year of opportunity that we have ahead of us.

 We’re also going to share some cool personal stories that Ben and I, Ben Walker, if you don’t know him is the founder of Inspire CA, and the process that we went through just recently in planning for our very own businesses, how are we going to boost our own profits. We’re going to share that process with you today. 

Whether that be taking more holidays or spending more time with the most important things in the world which are those little ones in the bottom right hand corner of the screen there. The point of it is to extract yourselves so you’re thinking differently. You should go away with one intention, was to plan out what was happening in the next 12 months, for the next calendar year.

Great fun and that was peppered with nice meals and nice trips to the beach and we had some good fun together just as friends and also with your wife too, which was beautiful. What we want to bring you guys today are the five key questions or considerations that really moved the needle for Ben and I and we’re bringing this to our business clients this year. Before you can start talking tactically about how you might grow profits through this social media campaign or that HR strategy, or this efficiency methodology, there’s five key considerations that aren’t groundbreaking, but what we find in working with business owners is that we get so busy and caught up in doing the do that we never really take the time out for ourselves, like you can see us doing here in Newrybar, to actually answer these really important questions.

I want you to use Ben, myself, Inspire and the beautiful community that we’ve put together, to give yourself that gift, give yourself that opportunity to answer these questions and think about the bigger picture about where things are going.

In other contexts, this is a process of lifestyle design, but really there’s just five simple questions that Ben and I went through to kick that weekend off. They didn’t have to be formal or professional, we had beers in our hand and we were sitting in hammocks and we’re literally just having deep, quality conversations about where we wanted to be. Ben, I’ve got the five key questions up here. Do you want to kick off with where we started probably about this time last week?

BEN: Yes. Before I do that, when we were putting this webinar together, I actually asked Harvee, “Harvee, do you think this is too fluffy for us? Is this too non-accounting?” Harvee said, “Yeah, actually part of me thinks this is too woo-woo and a little bit out there.” Why we’re starting with this is this sets the tone. This answers so many questions that things like budgets and cash flow forecasts need to have relevance to.


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