[Photo Diary] Inspiring Business Event: Meet & Greet with Top Entrepreneurs of Brisbane

A visual memoir of the Australia Day themed Inspiring Business Event on Jan 22, 2016


Welcome to our first Inspiring Business event of 2016!

What started as a small group of like minded business owners getting together for after work drinks and a chat has turned into a Meet Up Movement with almost 500 Business owners having attended one of our Inspirational events!

Congratulations, and thanks for your support.


The purpose of this group is to INSPIRE and be INSPIRED by the compelling stories of the business owners you run shoulders with here.

My name is Harvee and I’m one of the owners of Inspire CA.  We Help Young Families Use Their Small Business to Achieve Big Goals.

So if you know a business who needs their tax sorted or some proactive business advice, feel free to speak to any of the Inspire Team.

The event theme was Celebrating Great Australian Businesses.

With Australia Day coming up next week it’s a chance to acknowledge how great it is to do business in this land of opportunity.

I know from personal experience, it was my own family who turned up to Aaustralia back in 1988.  We had no money.  No education.  No family.  No hope.  We worked multiple jobs.  We started multiple businesses.  Now I can say we enjoy a freedom and lifestyle most in the world would only dream of.  Thanks largely to Australia, the land of Opportunity.

I’m grateful now to be teaching other families how to build a better business through Inspire CA.


Before we get into our Guest Speaker, I’d like to thank our 3 sponsors for the Meet Up and tell you a very sad but very happy story.

Thanks to Jayden from Discovery Finance, he’s responsible for all the drinks.  Go say thanks.

Thanks to Nathan from Donovan Lawyers, if you need a family lawyer he’s your guy.  He’s covered the lamb pies and Australia Pavlova.

Thanks to Jake from Next Gen Visuals who is doing the filming for our event, and could be doing regular videos for your business.  Our YouTube library is going off thanks to his expertise.

Now thanks to our sponsors, food and drinks are on the house!


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So let’s get to our speaker.  I’m a big fan of this guy.  I first came across his work when I saw a page called Entrepreneurs of Brisbane which regularly shared great stories about successful business owners in Brisbane.  If you haven’t seen it, follow them on FB.

His movement has about 4.000 followers, he’s interviewed many of the great businesses that prove Australia is the land of opportunity.

He’s here for 10 mins to inspire us with both his personal journey in business and to share lessons for the many interviews he has done.

Join me in welcoming Daniel Jacob Rayner.




To have a sticky beak (classic australian saying isn’t it?) at the full event photo album, head on over to our Inspire CA Facebook page.

Introducing Inspiring Business Event – February

Surround yourself with people who love Business as much as you do!

The Business journey can at times be lonely.  Your friends, family and employees might not ‘get’ why you put so much blood sweat and tears into your business.

But other business owners understand you.

That’s why each month we bring the local small business community together for an evening of fun, food & craft beers.

It’s called an Inspiring Business Event and are a great chance to meet other Business owners on the same entrepreneurial journey as you, and find out what’s working for them.

The recent Inspiring Business Event was a huge hit with one attendee saying “this is the best meet up in Brisbane!” – here’s the Happy Snaps.

The next Inspiring Business Event will be on February 25th at 6:30 pm with the theme#LoversOfBusiness (yes it’s Valentine’s day already, don’t forget!)

We’ve organised an inspirational guest speaker, 50 like minded business owners, a Chocolate Fountain and plenty of food and drinks.  Remember all profits go to Hummingbird House – QLD’s only Children’s Hospice.

You can save $20 by jumping on the early bird tickets before Jan 31.  That could pay for a bunch of roses for your love!

Check out the #LoversOfBusiness event agenda and we’ll see you on the 25th –http://bit.ly/Loversofbusiness.

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