Paul Dunn: The 3 L’s That Determine Your Legacy, And How You Can Leverage it To Do Good

Today on the show, it is a great privilege to chat with Paul Dunn. Paul is the man behind B1G1, a global business initiative on a mission to create a world full of giving. He is a 4-time TEDx Speaker, entrepreneur, and master presenter. Paul spearheaded the Business for Good Movement, which has inspired businesses across the world to give back to those in need.

I asked Paul to share his very first memory of wanting to do good for somebody else. Paul talks about how from the start of his life, giving back was always his passion. At a young age, he was able to share a table with people like David Packard and Bill Hewlett, Founders of The Hewlett -Packard Company. In their presence, he learned the two driving forces that pushed him to do what he does now; giving abundantly.

In the middle part of our conversation, Paul tells us that 84 businesses are being founded every hour. Why is this number so high? Why are so many people choosing to build a business? Is it for themselves or the greater good? He recalls a quote from a Richard Branson speech, where he said, “Businesses who do good, do better.” We discuss why developing and discovering a business’s purpose, passion, and values are so important.

When you listen to Paul talk about his purpose and passion in this episode, you’ll find yourself reflecting on your business and your life, asking the question: “Why do I do what I do?”

What You Will Discover in This Episode:

  • The story behind Paul’s decision to create a movement that encouraged charitable giving.
  • The two driving forces that lead Paul to create B1G1.
  • The 3 L’s that determine your Legacy.
  • How business owners can leverage their legacy.
  • Paul sharing his passion for giving abundantly and why all entrepreneurs should follow suit.
  • Paul’s tipping point: How the 2006 tsunami made him realise that he has a bigger obligation to the world.
  • The mindset shift that business owners need to make to embrace the idea of doing business while giving back.
  • Paul explaining why business owners are in the best position to make the world a happier place.


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