Our Daily Content Planning System Revealed

I was recently on a webinar with Roze Ferrer – Head of Marketing at Inspire – Life Changing Accountants and she revealed our daily content planning system.

Here’s what she said –

We keep track of our daily content schedule in an Excel spreadsheet.

Using the spreadsheet like a calendar, we map out the topics we’re posting every single day. Next to the topic, we include hyper-links to Google folders so you can easily access the different video formats as well as transcript files and copy – it’s all reconciled in the one spreadsheet.

I’ve also attached the blog links so you could go directly to the blog post as well as the publish YouTube video.

In terms of the process with how we post; I generally email Ben and say, “hey, today we’re going to be posting this topic – JobKeeper Update” So Ben then jumps into the Google drive folder and grabs the copy and the appropriate video format to post on his personal facebook page. Once he’s posted, that gives me a cue to post across all social pages for our business accounts.

For the month of November, we’ve smashed out content every single day because we were organised and we were able to plan ahead.

That’s how we schedule our marketing posts – everything’s all in the one place, and it’s easy for everyone to know what topic we’re posting every single day.

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