Need To Change Accountants? Why Now Is The Best Time

It’s the first few days of January and I really want to encourage you – when you’re setting New Year’s resolutions – to reflect on the last 12 months that you’ve had.

What I’m specifically asking is: how have the last 12 months gone with your accountant?

For many business owners in Australia, it’s been one of the biggest 12 months that we’ve had to rely on the accounting help, and I think for most businesses, it’s actually been a positive experience.

In the accounting world, we’ve seen people step up to a huge degree. In fact, we’ve had to support each other as accountants to make sure we keep our mental health fair and our support there so that we can be there for our clients, but also our teams and our own families as well.

It’s been a really intense 12 months, but for a handful of Australian businesses, I don’t think you’ve had that support there.

This is where I want to challenge you: if you do need something, like a change of accountants, then this is the time to do it – at the start of January. Most people think that the time to change accountants is in the new financial year, which for us is about six months away at the moment.

Now, in the video I’m going to suggest a couple of reasons why that might not be a great idea and could cost you tens of thousands of dollars…

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