Make it Rain. Get a Bigger Bucket. Generate repeat business

This article contains the revolutionary secret to beating the ever growing statistics of Business’ not making it after their first couple of years. These five simple steps will change the future of you and your business forever.


Step 4 – Get a Bigger Bucket by generating repeat business

Step 2 asked HOW FAST.

Step 3 asked HOW MANY.

Step 4 asks HOW MUCH & HOW OFTEN.

Or put another way

Your reservoir of cash is building.

The cash is flowing faster than ever before.

And your river has widened to a breadth that equals your happiness because you’re working every day with the customers you love.

Now let’s go DEEP.




Imagine an iceberg, whose bulk is submerged deep under water.

What appears above the water line represents profit, and below the line are expenses.

Deep are the costs of acquiring a new customer.

Marketing, PR, Sales, Meetings, Proposals, Events, Networking etc.

You know that the majority of the iceberg is actually hidden under the water’s edge.

Same too with most small businesses.

They expend a HUGE amount of energy, time & money getting new customers.

A small amount of profit sometimes appears through the waters edge.

But the peak remains small as the entrepreneur has often moved on to the next sale before the peak of profit has a chance to develop.

Expending more and more resources, below the water’s edge, focused on new sales.

Profit is in repeat business.

If you don’t have repeat business you probably don’t have much profit either!

Before you drop a NEW sale to move on to the Next.

Recognise the opportunity at your very fingertips.

What has emerged out of the waters edge is just the tip of the iceberg.

So ask yourself –

How much do people spend with you?

How often do they spend?

What additional value would I need to add to increase HOW MUCH & HOW OFTEN?

Up next, Step 5 – Invest in Multiple Buckets, produce automatic cash flow.


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