Make BAS work for you

Make BAS work for you

Learn how to turn a BAS Deadline into a BIZ Lifeline.

A common mistake in thinking for business owners is that “BAS time sucks.” And while paying tax isn’t everyone’s favourite pastime, BAS lodgements do give business owners an awesome opportunity to review the business numbers that matter, every quarter.

This webinar will teach you both how to make BAS time easier (making sure you aren’t paying too much or too little tax) and how to review the business performance reports that are in your Xero Accounting system, now that your accounts are up to date.

Think of the 4 x BAS you lodge in a year, like how a game of AFL has 4 quarters. At the end of each quarter, a successful team will sit down with their coach for a moment to review the score, the game plans and check in with the performance of each of the key players. In this context, your business is the game, BAS is the quarter time bell and we are your coach reviewing your business performance.

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