Life in the best lane

Life in the best lane

Towards the tail end of the weekend I remember seeing some hype about the Superbowl which is the grand final of American football for those that aren’t familiar.  It’s beamed around the world to a HUGE worldwide audience – a massive event.

So huge and all-consuming is it, that even those with less than a passing interest in giant, helmeted humans attempting to kill each other over a football will slip away from work to watch the fighter jet fly-overs, the half-time show, the star spangled awesomeness of the whole spectacle.

I mean, if they choose to.  And choice is what I got around to thinking about on the weekend once the Superbowl commercial had finished.  We have a number of guiding principles here at Inspire CA and it is our hope that our clients see the value in them all – especially the one about lifestyle.


Create Your Lifestyle

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

That’s about choice too.  It’s a choice because if you own a small business or even a larger concern, you have the opportunity to work hard and be rewarded… or work harder still and be rewarded.  Even the most efficient, business savvy people in the world realise that they could literally find enough work to do to take up every hour of every day – if they wanted too.  But a wise person once said, “No one lies on their deathbed and thinks, I wish I had spent more time in the office!”

If you’re smart, you’ll be efficient enough to ensure that you’re not overworked and have time to give to your family and other interests.  If you’re wise, you’ll choose to make a difference to those important to you by cashing in those extra hours for family time or new adventures.  Maybe even sample some American beer, gorge yourself on hotdogs and marvel at the carnage being played out on the gridiron (American football field) right before your very eyes whenever you want.


Work out why you work

My last thought for this edition of “How was your weekend” is actually a tip.  Revisit your vision for your business and then go one step further: what did you want it to help you achieve in life.  Write it down, tattoo it on your arm, tattoo it on a friend’s arm but just make sure you remember that your business is supposed to work for you, not necessarily the other way round.


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