JobKeeper: The Distinction Between Business Participants & Employees

JobKeeper: The Distinction Between Business Participants & Employees


FAQ – “Can you please clarify, the employee versus business participant? I do collect a wage and exclude myself as an employee and have added myself as a business participant. Is this correct or incorrect?”


An employee has to be on your payroll before the 1st of March. This applies to the same eligibility criteria as any other employees.

As a business participant, the business had an ABN from the 12th of March. You run the business, you’re actively in the business, doing things for the business. You’re either a partner, a direct shareholder, a beneficiary of a trust or a sole trader.

The important distinction between employee and a business participant is that they can’t claim for both; It’s only one or the other. If you are already on the payroll and you are already paying yourself a wage, you have to keep paying yourself that $1500 per fortnight minimum to be eligible for reimbursement. If you’re a business participant, that’s not the case.

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