JobKeeper 2.0 - Employment Date 1 July

One of the changes with JobKeeper 2.0 is the employee eligibility date.

In the original JobKeeper package, an employee, either full time or part time, needed to be employed before the 1st of March 2020. Now, if they were casual, they needed to have been working for that business for at least 12 months as at 1st of March 2020.
The change to the employment date of the 1st of March has now moved to the 1st of July. Take into account, if you’ve hired any full-time or part-time people throughout the COVID period and you had them hired at the 1st of July 2020, they could be eligible for the second round of JobKeeper 2.0.

If you’ve got casuals, let’s say they hadn’t worked 12 months up to 1st of March, but maybe they were 10 months or 11 months in working for you, you need to have a look at if your casuals are now eligible, given the extra three month window we’ve got to test that 12-month rule for casual employees.

There are a few more changes so do check out the other videos where we share the quick updates on what’s changed in JobKeeper 2.0.

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