Is A Novated Lease Right For You?

Two types of novated leases are fully maintained, which involves maintenance, fuel, tyres, servicing and non-maintained.

The thing with a novated lease is that whilst it does have some tax benefits, when they’re put up against a commercial chattel mortgage, the cost of the novated lease per month is generally far higher than the cost of a chattel mortgage per month.

When you take out the tax benefits that you get through the novated, it actually works out to be cheaper generally to go to a straight chattel mortgage, because the cost of the novated is so high the tax benefits don’t cover the benefits against the chattel.

It works out better to go with chattel and forego some of that tax benefit because you’re paying so much in repayment to get access. It’s a deal-by-deal basis but that’s what we’ve seen in regard to novated leases. They’re not something we encourage people to do, but it depends on your circumstance.

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