How We Turn 1 Webinar Into 50 Pieces Of Content

The number one question that I get quite a lot is: Who do we use to create these amazing videos, and how do we get all these templates?

We use a company called Splasheo, and It’s just been so simple and easy to use their software. We started off with their seven day free trial and it starts as low as $99 a month. You can cancel any time and it’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

When we do a webinar, I usually download the Zoom recording and I upload it onto a Google drive folder. We’re on a premium package with Splasheo, and so we have a dedicated video editor. Once the video is uploaded, I email our video editor and say, “Here’s the link to our Google folder. We just did a webinar, could you please extract up to 10 videos out of this webinar for us?” She then extracts these videos, and she turns it into three different formats for us.

Our video editor creates a square format which is great for Facebook or LinkedIn, a landscape format which is great for YouTube and blogs, and a portrait format which is great for Instagram and TikTok. She also transcribes the whole video for us which I basically copy and paste it into a word document and format that transcript to ensure that it’s readable, and you can post that as an article, or a blog, or an email.

When we send our video’s through to Splasheo, our video editor watches the video and then they’ll go and find the gold nuggets, so to speak. They then add nice backgrounds and our branding, and they turn it into what you see on social media.

The process is incredibly simple and easy. If we have a webinar that is one hour in length, the turnaround time is usually around seven days, and we get so much content off of that. So with one video, we essentially get five pieces of content out of one. So if we times that – if we get 10 videos then we essentially get 50 pieces of content out of that one webinar.

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