How We Track Our Marketing Results With The LAPS Method

We use a method called “LAPS” we learned from our friends at Dent, and that essentially stands for; Leads, Appointments, Presentations, and Sales.

From COVID until now, I was able to track how many leads we were able to get each week. There were roughly 21 leads a week, and that includes new contacts coming into our system, filling in forms, registrations to webinars, and surveys.

In terms of appointments; 21 leads then converts six appointments. Now these appointments are what we call “strategy calls” here at Inspire. From the strategy calls, the accountants will actually talk with the person and discuss; what their needs are, can we actually help, and what’s the next step? That usually leads to one or two spots which is a “Look Under the Hood” or a second opinion on that person’s tax returns. Alternatively, if they’re new to business, or they want to understand their structure, it could be a “Structures and Strategy Session”.

Neither a “Look Under the Hood” or an SSS means that they’ve become a client at that point. Yes, they have paid us money for one of those two things, but there’s still no obligation at that point to use us. It’s also a way where both parties can work out whether we want to keep working with each other, and seeing if we can provide value to one another. So, that’s what the presentation part is.

From there, it then converts into one sale. So after the “Look Under the Hood”, usually they then turn into a client. We usually average one new client per week, which is pretty amazing. Since COVID (April to November 2020) we have onboarded roughly 40 new clients. It’s definitely been a huge year for us in terms of growth, but also making sure we can still deliver on that.

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