How To Stay Motivated & Achieve Your BIG Goals

It’s Monday morning; you’ve just finished a fantastic weekend. You’ve played the sports with the kids. You’ve gone to the beach, had a beautiful meal, and it’s just been wonderful. When you wake up, and it’s Monday morning, you check your emails, and you’ve got a hundred new emails that have come in over the weekend. On top of that, you have received a ‘big problem’ email from that annoying client that we always have has there’s a big problem with one of those emails. All you think about is, “Man, I just want to go back into bed, and I just don’t want to face the world.”

It’s now crunch time to be clear about your goals for business & life and stay motivated to achieve them!



The first question to ask yourself is thinking about my audience, the people that I get out of bed to help and serve, whether they are already existing clients or prospective clients, why do I want to serve them, what is the impact that I get out of bed to impact to impact in their lives.

For us, we help young families who are in small business achieve big goals.

Every day, when we get out of bed, our whole team thinks about what are the great outcomes we can achieve for this group, and so too for you.

Is it the holidays you can help those clients achieve?

Is it the peace of mind?

Is it the time you’re giving back in their life?

Is that feeling of satisfaction in the service that you’re providing to them?

These are all the motivating factors, these things that get you out of bed every morning that is going to help to remind you of why you’re here in the first place.

The second questions you need to think about is who are the mentors that inspire you?

Now, we live in a beautiful world these days, when you can have mentors. They might be friends. They might be family members. They might be co-worker or bosses that you’ve had in the past. What’s also amazing is that we’ve got this world of YouTube, and podcast, and the internet, where we can get access to some of the world’s most beautiful minds. Think about the second question.

Who are the mentors that inspire you, and how would you go and hang out with them?

If they’re local and if they’re in contact, could you call them up and have a coffee? Could we go out and have some lunch together? Could you give them a call, like a lifeline, to say, “Hey look, I’m really struggling with something? Can you help me with this challenge?”

“What I do every morning is I spend every morning with a global mentor that really inspires me. This morning, for example, I signed up to a podcast, and I listened to Tony Robbins. We had 45 minutes together and walked along the river. When I’ve come into work today, I felt amazing because I spent an hour with Tony Robbins. Who gets to do that?”

The third question to think about is what is the environment that best inspires and motivates you?

If you work from home, I encourage you to get out of your pajamas and get into some clothes that make you feel that you’re in control, make you feel like you’re a boss. Also, don’t sit in your bed and sit in the lounge and have the laptop on your lap. Go into a dedicated space, whether it be a study area, or to a dining room table, make that your space. Also, think about the visual cues that are around you. Can you have flowers? Can you have cool music that’s playing? Can you have inspirational quotes that are on the wall that can give you that inspiration to get you in the right space?

Another great tool that’s available these days for small business owners is co-working spaces.

There’re some brilliant spaces around that have all of these environment factors in place. Plus, the best thing about them is other people who are on a roll. They can give you motivation because you see them making phone calls. You see them getting work done. That whole environment around you will help keep you motivated.

The fourth question you need to ask yourself is how clearly can I see the goals that I’m achieving towards, that I’m striving towards, and have them motivate you.

It’s a really cool strategy that I learned. Every morning, I have these cue cards. I’ve gone through a process of writing down my top 10 goals or things that I’m working towards in business and life.

With daily habits, a really good thing I’ve learned is to associate them with things that happen every day.

I know that every day I get a coffee, so that’s my cue to go down and think about the goals that I’ve set. Having them, tangible means that I can have a moment to think about the fact that I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m surrounded by a strong group of friends and family. I’m so happy and grateful now that I’ve got a buddy like Sonny Bill Williams. These are the types of motivations that we would need to keep front and foremost.

Now if you’re not the paper kind of person, what I encourage is to take things another level, and have pictures, have images that represent the goals that you’re striving towards. As you know, we always have our mobile phones on us. Save a little album on your phone with all the photos that inspire or represent all the goals that you’re working towards.

Every day, whether it’s when you have your coffee or whether you’re having breakfast, or you’re driving into work, have a flick through and think about what are the things that motivate you, why you’re here in the first place, trying to achieve these goals, and working so hard.


We hope you have been Inspired and motivated today! At Inspire we help young families use their Small Business’ to achieve big goals and are here to help in any way!
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