How To Set Company Goals That Your Whole Team Will Buy Into

Learn how to set a big goal for your company and have your team actually buy into it and not just roll their eyes like every other time you’ve said this.

It’s really important that we engage our team from the start with our new ideas and business aspirations. This is, so they can catch the enthusiasm and jump on board with this new company goal. On the other hand, if we fail to capture the team from the start we will not only have a disengaged team, but the company will have no chance of achieving that new exciting goal.

You may have read a book, or you’ve gone to a weekend conference or a retreat, maybe it was the partners who went to the managers or just the executive team. What are the other team members back in the office thinking? They’re thinking, “Oh my gosh, he’s read another book or he’s gone to another conference. We’re going to have this big change off, and he’s seen the light and all we need to do is to hang out for the next two weeks while that initial desire burns off.” This is a common situation in businesses who love to continue their professional development and are always learning.

The question is, how do we get our team members really excited and on board about new initiatives and new goals for that business?



Step number one:

Understanding where your employees are coming from.

Yes, you’ve read this book. Yes, you’ve gone to the conference, but only you were there during that experience. Here’s where you are and here’s where they are. You absolutely have to, before you go out and buy twenty-seven copies of that book and insist that the whole team go ahead and read it, you need to slow things down and talk to them one on one. There’s a brilliant book called, Crucial Conversations, and it talks about talking from the heart. Being able to have an opportunity to understand what are the motivations of your team members? What drives them?

What you need to remember, while we may be busy running our own businesses and feeling the pressures of owning a business, our team members actually want to do a good job. They want to succeed in their job. They want to be able to ring the bell, and they want to be able to hit and exceed their KPIs. We need to have a conversation with them to connect the ideas about what your new goals are, what the new strategies are that you’ve learned and what are the motivations and goals of the team members and find out how we can connect them.

Now, unfortunately as busy business owners, we are indeed that, very busy, but we need to prioritize the time to one on one, talk with these team members and connect their goals and motivations with where we want to head as a business.

Step number two

Set aside time to workshop the goal with the team.

You had a time, one on one with your team members to understand their own goals and aspirations. Now it’s time to help get your team up to speed with whatever it is that you’ve learned in this workshop or in this book, to be able to help the team get behind this project. This takes time again, to be able to explain to them the context around whatever it is this business or company goal or process is, and ask for input or get their input into how we can actually achieve this together as a team.


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