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How to Save $5,500 A Year With One Simple Change

I’m going to just explain a bit of a personal story about this – it was a couple of grand a year we saved by not spending so much on coffees.
Stevie and I, at the time, we’re drinking two cups a day, each. We both drink a long black with a dash of cold milk. Usually that’s about $4.50. So it’s $4.50 per coffee X 365 days a year, because I don’t think there was one day where we didn’t have that – It’s probably not a great idea to leave me without a coffee.

That comes to $6,500. That’s no joke because we didn’t have a coffee machine at home, and I can’t stand instant coffee. So what we did is… Does anyone use a credit card with points on it for business expenses? The points rack up pretty quick. We had a whole heap of points I didn’t even realise, so we went and got one of those Breville coffee machines off the awards site. It cost us nothing.

So we got the coffee machine for nothing, and we went through maybe a bag of beans, a fortnight. $40 for a bag of coffee X 26 weeks comes to $1,000.

So we saved $5,500 a year by just switching that one thing. That’s a fair amount of money.

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