How To Know If Your Product Will Sell

It is totally okay for you to go out there with a product that you’re learning how to do – and the way to do it is really, really simple: it’s signal. Don’t put any more work into it. Don’t say: “I need to get the web page right” or, “I need to have the flyer and the brochure ready” or any of that. It’s a waste of time right now, and It’s the wrong strategy or the wrong step at the wrong time. What you want to do first is signalling/beta.

Think of the people that you think are going to be the ideal clients for your product. Whatever the messaging system you use in your business, for instance social media, the more public the forum is the better it is, wherever that pool of people, you need to put out a message – and it’s something really simple as:

“Who would be interested in…” 

Or another way to say it, 

“I’ve been asked how to do” whatever the financial product outcome is, and I’m going to assume that people have asked you this. “I’ve been asked, a lot of people ask me, how do they supersize their super, and we’ve got an amazing strategy that we’ve been using that gets a 120% return over 3 years. Would anyone else be interested in learning how to do this?” So you put it out. 

Now, the reason I say a public forum is it’s a thing called social proof. If you have social proof, then there’s a whole stack of people who are looking at this and go, “Wow, this is cool. We love what Meg’s doing on this sucker here.” 

And we go, “I want in.” 

Then you go, “Great. What I’m doing is I’m going to be running a beta group.” 

If they’re interested, then you go, “The second step is…” And then you would do more of a presentation: this is what it’s about, and this is what it looks like. 

Start with a small number – let’s say somewhere around 10 is usually a good number to start with. Say, “I’m looking for 10, only 10 people. Now, part of the caveat on that is that we’re going to be building this together, so you’re going to help me to co-create this along the way.” 

And that is how a whole stack of our members last year created a whole heap of spinoff products and made a heap of cash. And now are having businesses that they love a lot more than they ever did before.

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