How To Get The Best Out Of Your Team During COVID-19

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Team During COVID-19

I had the pleasure of joining Natasha Hawker on a webinar last week around the topic of JobKeeper. Natasha is an employee expert and founder of Employee Matters. Her biggest piece of advice right now is to communicate!

Here’s what she said –

This should be done on a frequent basis with empathy and care. We are going through something that we’ve never experienced before. Keep your team up to date in a dynamic and constantly changing environment. If you don’t know the answer, it’s okay to say, “I actually don’t know the answer.”

Make sure that everyone has a framework of the temporary and the new working environment. For example, you have an employee who has a JobKeeper direction, such as a change of duties, now they’re going to be doing some filing for you.

I would suggest the following framework to structure that conversation;

  • Pinpoint exactly what you want them to accomplish;
  • Create a measurement or some KPIs for monitoring progress to give them that qualitative and that quantitative feedback;
  • Provide feedback, then reward and recognise them and;
  • Keep checking in to find out how they’re going

And you never know, you might find out they really like what they’re doing in the new circumstances or they may find something in the process that you never knew, could be done better or see opportunities that you’re not seeing.

Communication is key. You have to massively increase the frequency of your conversation with your team. Just because they’re out of sight doesn’t mean they’re out of mind.

Natasha Hawker

Employee Matters…

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