How To Create An Automated Household Budget

I’ve created an automated household budget template where you can use this to track your BSB and account number and know exactly how much a week goes into each of those accounts.

On the template you can see that I’ve set up the first four accounts as transaction accounts, the rest are savings; they don’t attract any fee or anything like that.

Now in this spreadsheet you only need to touch the green cells. So in the detail page, you just need to go and pop in whatever your expenses are (remember, this is personal expenses only, don’t include anything paid from the business. If your business pays for fuel, the phone, the home internet, that sort of thing, don’t include it in this personal budget spreadsheet)

If you’ve got an annual body corporate fee of $4,500, you just pop that in the “Annual” column, and it will work out how much a week that body corporate is. Or $6000 for private health insurance works out to be $115 per week. This spreadsheet works out for you how much a week goes into each one of these accounts.

The accounts I recommend you have set up are:

🏡 Living Expenses: this all depends on you and your families needs, which might include groceries, public transport, fuel etc.
🥂Entertainment: this includes date night, meals out, family day trips, etc.
😀Your Slush fund: this includes things such as personal gym memberships, entertainment, boys trips/girls trips, whatever.
👤Spouses Slush fund: I recommend allowing the same amount for you and your spouse, so that there’s no inequality there.
🚘 Irregular bills: anything more than weekly goes in here, for example car rego, council rates, child care etc.
🚙 Travel: $200 a week is our number, however yours might be different.

So what this spreadsheet does is once you fill in the detail side, this works out what your weekly allocation is. This doesn’t include your mortgage or any rent by the way. So that needs to be paid before these accounts get topped up.

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