Happy Birthday Inspire!

Our own start up story, told for the first time.

February Meetup Inspire CA

WOW it’s Inspire CA – Young Family Small Business 3rd Birthday today.

For the first time, I’m going to share the cool story about how Ben Walker and I met (and way later came to be in business together)

I helped start a big change management movement in the Accounting Industry, helping Accountants around Australia move away from doing just tax and have a more meaningful impact in their clients lives.

In helping 500+ Accountants over 5 years, one day I got a call from this young guy who told me his vision for his new firm.

He was working as a cog in a (big 4) machine.
He dreamed of a firm that made a real impact in the community and the world.
He dreamed of a practice that used cloud tech, so it could have a closer relationship with it’s clients.
He dreamed of a business that existed for good. That didn’t charge by the hour (or minute).
He dreamed of a community of Business owners that collaborated together instead of competing. Who each shared what’s working for them.

His name was Ben Walker and that dream became Inspire CA – Young Family Small Business.

So he was a client of mine. Once Inspire was off the ground, our commercial relationship ended but we remained good friends.

I ran a regular networking event at Inspire for Business Book Lovers.

We both had a common mentor in Paul Dunn, founder of B1G1.

Last year when I decided to scratch my entrepreneurial itch, Ben and I decided to join forces.

Since then we’ve worked with many very special team members (past & present) to help us on our cause – Jessica Kate, Carolina Perez, Juan Felipe Rivas, Huy Vuong, Rafael Arias, Phil Shephard, Kathryn Vellacott, Hieu Nguyen, Mauricio Amador, Pia Camara & Ethan Paraha-Cutts

We’ve built collaborative communities that total tens of thousands…

Entrepreneurs of Brisbane
Business Owners on a Roll
Accountants Making Radical Impact
Young Family Small Business (YFSB) – Inspire CA Collaboration Community

We daily receive feedback from clients about the changes we are making in their business and their lives.

And best of all, we are lucky to consider many of the great business owners we serve as close personal friends.

An Inspire Family you could call it.

So thank you Victor Ahipene Moana Thomas Francesca Moi Kristin JacobsenJeremy Johnston Joe Winston Natalie Taylor Sharon Cliffe Paul Bevan Carina Paraha Shay Spence Jake Kay-Lawson Conor Calder-Potts Lucas Meadowcroft Nathan DonovanMell Balment Suzanne Dawson Daniel Jacob Rayner Jeff Walker Jeff Thompson Trish Walker and the hundreds of other families who are ambassadors of Inspire.

A big happy birthday and we look forward to celebrating BIG TIME on Feb 25th – www.bit.ly/Loversofbusiness

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