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What we’re seeing at the moment is times are increasing with our lenders. There’s an issue due to COVID, where the financiers sent home all the staff. So where staff were typically in the office all day long working together, they’re now working from home. So as a lot of businesses experienced, it created issues around systems, keeping an eye on people, motivating people, bringing teams together, and all of these things. So what that created at the financiers, specifically in terms of the credit approval perspective, was times blew out. 

There were instances where typically I would get an approval within 24 hours – some of my lenders now are up to three weeks. So we’re getting approvals, depending on who we use and I have 24 different lenders depending on the client, what they need, age of asset, and individual circumstances – some deals I can get approved in 24 hours, some deals I can get approved in two hours, others can take several weeks. 

What I’m saying to clients at the moment is, we’re seeing a huge uptick in demand. It’s as big as we’ve seen in about five, six years. We’re telling the clients now, “The approvals are generally good for 90 days. If you want to get it this side of 30 June, get your approval now. It’ll sit there until June, then you’re good to go.”

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