(Facebook) friends don’t let friends pay through the nose

(Facebook) friends don’t let friends pay through the nose

If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t bother.  But we do and that’s why we like to stay connected with clients past, future and present by any means necessary.  There are those that believe that an accountant is a “suit” to be visited once a year or once a quarter if you run a business or if things get really messy.  And who could blame them for thinking that’s the case.  Many people have told us that this is their belief because they themselves are treated like a quarterly tick in the box or worse still an ATM.  Ouch!

But it’s a good point.  As accountants, we can’t just tell people we care, hit them with a bill and “see you later”.  Accounting, just like trust, should be a two-way street and to us that means providing more than filing, processing and billing.


We have a lot to share… for free

Every business is different so to do our job well, we listen first then offer advice, strategy and services accordingly.  But we also love to share as much as possible.  After all, a well-informed client is the best type of client to have.  If you check out our facebook page/ on a regular basis, you’ll see content ranging from

  • tips and tricks,
  • short vids with “how to’s”
  • Shout outs to clients that are doing well and business and life leaders that inspire us
  • Ways in which we try to positively impact lives
  • Opportunities to attend specialist sessions that benefit your business in the short and longer term
  • The odd rant
  • Invitations to weekly interactive live sessions
  • Links to articles that inform, inspire or instruct

So why do we do this?  Are we disruptive for disruption’s sake?  No, not at all.  Inspire is here to help, young families in particular, reap the benefits of well-run, profitable businesses.  And even though there’s a lot that can go wrong with small businesses, there’s an awful lot of things that can (and should) go very, very right.  Ensuring as much as possible goes right with the numbers side of our clients’ life’s work is our primary focus but it’s not something we can do well using just one medium.


By any means necessary

Social media is fantastic because we get to connect with clients, followers and friends on their terms and as time permits.  However, we see (and seize) opportunities to meet up in the office, at talks and events, dinners both planned and spontaneous – anywhere.  And ultimately it’s not always about the numbers but the number of positive impacts we can have on people’s businesses and lives – whether we know them yet or not.

So if you’re yet to try us out , meet with us or give us a call, hopefully we’ll see you on facebook where we’ll do all we can to save you tax, maximise your cashflow and keep small businesses heading in the right direction… for free!

What’s not to like about that?


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