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Entrepreneurs Of Brisbane – Ezra Taylor

We believe that every business owner has an inspiring story to tell.  A story of how they began.  A story of how they overcame the odds.  A story of what drives them.  A story of when they had a breakthrough.  A story of who inspires them to keep going.  Entrepreneurs of Brisbane is where we tell these inspirational stories, one entrepreneur at a time.

Hi Entrepreneurs Jessica Kate here, Editor of Entrepreneurs of Brisbane (EOB) and Community Manager at Inspire CA.

Introducing Ezra Taylor from Concrete Training & Movement

“When I first started my business, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. They don’t teach you much about the business side of things when you’re getting your certification. For me, going into business was like being thrown straight into a bullring or fatherhood. You’re not ready for it, but you learnt to adapt pretty quickly. Education has been a massive help as it has taught me to not freak out so much. In fact, you soon realise that there’s no real growth unless you’re thrown into those challenges. So my biggest advice now is, be patient learn how to relax in those stressful times and realise that those are the key time for learning.”


What has been you biggest challenge in business and how have you overcome this?

“The biggest challenge for me is accepting that I’m not good at everything. Connecting with people who are good at things that I’m not good at, and asking them for help. I’ve invested in coaches and mentors. Some have worked, some haven’t, but I think aligning yourself with people who have been through the experiences that you face challenges with, and not being afraid to ask for help.”

What’s the key to successfully balancing business life and family responsibilities?

“I think establishing routine and education. Consistency is really the key. We all know what we should be doing and shouldn’t be doing. Some more than others, but I think if you can educate yourself and create a routine around that education.
For example, a practice that I’ve been introducing to everyone is just having a morning routine. Waking up an hour before you have to be anywhere, having an herbal tea, maybe a little quiet time for  meditation and doing a little movement. This will prepare you for the challenges that will come throughout the day. That gives you more chance to  not stress. Which gives you the energy to give back instead of taking, which is what the world needs right now.

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