Doing the Numbers

After our Christmas Party and Inspire Cafe Launch Party in December 2013, it was time to take a hard-earned break from the first of many big years at Inspire CA.  I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some key numbers and share the most significant business and life-changing moments of 2013.

7,470: the number of emails that I sent during 2013 (That’s about 33 each business day!…);
From 15 to 67: client groups that we now serve;
894: Inspire CA YouTube views, over 19 videos;
From 18 sq. mt to 273 sq. mt.: in office space, with a cafe as the centrepiece;
From 1 to 6: team members between Inspire CA and Inspire Cafe; and most phenomenally ………

62,415: Lives were changed through micro-giving via B1G1: Business for Good.


The most Profound Moment of 2013

I was first introduced to B1G1: Business for Good when I met Paul Dunn via a webinar in May 2013.  Paul is a builder of phenomenal businesses, globally, and is now the Chairman of what I see as the best business giving initiative in the world.  After Paul explained to me the concept of B1G1, it was a no-brainer for Inspire CA.Paul Dunn Speaking

The idea is simple. Paul explains:

– What if every time you dined at a restaurant, a child receives a nourishing meal

– What if you drink a coffee, someone gets access to life saving pure water

– What if you buy a book, a tree is planted

– What if a TV is purchased, someone receives the gift of sight



BUSINESS FOR GOOD Inspire CAB1G1 provides a platform that enables businesses to give efficiently (and effortlessly) to over 600 projects in over 30 countries. What’s more, 100% of the donations go to the projects! The businesses who are part of B1G1 find ways of giving transactionally throughout their business.

For instance, here at Inspire CA for every email we send, we give a child access to life saving water. For every Strategic Planning Session we provide to a client, we educate 75 women in India on how to run their own business and provide for their family.  In the Inspire Cafe, for every coffee that is purchased and meal that is consumed, a child receives access to life saving water and a nourishing meal. The whole idea is to make a difference every day – just by doing what you normally do.

Not only that, B1G1 has recently provided a way in which you can easily see the impact you’re having on the world – via the Business for Good map. Here is our impact to date:


I can’t be more excited to be a part of B1G1 and just recently I shared with Paul our Giving BHAG for 2014: To take the Inspire CA & Inspire Cafe total micro-giving impacts to 1,000,000!

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