Do You Take 12 Weeks Off A Year From Your Business?

Usually as business owners, we’ll just pour hours and hours into our business and we’ll work big days. Often we’ll find the whole reason why we went into business, which was to give more freedom to our family, is flipped and it ends up working against us.
What we’ve found is – looking at other people who run successful businesses, and from a lifestyle perspective as well – we started to notice that they take time out of their business.
Don’t judge me too much on this because it’s a great thing to work towards over time, but we want our clients to be taking 12 weeks off a year – call it two to three at Christmas, going on school holidays with the kids and things like that – just taking time out of the business. It’s a great time for things to pop up and you realise systems that you need in place, or what goes wrong when you walk out the door.
Often if you address that when you return with a refreshed mind and refreshed energy, then you’re actually making your business better in the process as well.
Check out the full length of my episode on the Reimagining Healthcare podcast (@my_healthtechx ) with Yianni Serpanos.

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