Do You Have Multiple "Teams" Of Income?

One of the stages within the B.O.S.S Steps is called STAR. Now in the STAR phase, you get a true sense of freedom. It’s somewhere between $350 and $800 K. Now, you can sit at the $350 – sometimes it’s a touch more than that to $400, and you can be on that borderline.

But at this point here you now have a team that can do the promotion for you: they can do the promotions, the marketing, and they can sell. The big shift in here is that you have a team that can sell being without you. Once you can unlock that part there, you now have a massive amount of scale that kicks into the business – this is a great phase. At this phase here, this is usually where we see a lot of our business that we coach get gobbled up by someone else, or they get a proposal to sell their business and they usually don’t have to work ever again from there. 

So this is a cool phase to be in business. 

The next phase is what we call SUCCESS, and that’s when you hit into the $800 K + and you’ve got your own flow. Now the truth is, you can achieve some of that in STAR, you’ve just got to make sure you nail the part in STAR. And particularly when you’re in this HERD phase, you’re now in the harvest but you’re harvesting because you’ve now built a team. 

You may have heard of the term “multiple streams of income”. The only thing is it’s a little misleading, but it sells books. But here’s the truth: If you want to do this properly, the way that’s sustainable, is not about multiple streams of income – It’s about having multiple teams of income. The important part here is your ability as a leader to master the ability to grow the team to do this. 

You build one business, then you can build a second business – you can have multiple teams that are working within that.

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