Could You Do With Some More Business?

Could You Do With Some More Business?

An important component of managing cashflow is to increase the amount of cash that’s flowing in. Which of course means getting new business through the door.

How is that going for you?  Getting enough enquiries and orders, week after week?

If you’re in the same boat as most business owners, you probably need more.

So have you any clues as to why more potential customers aren’t getting in contact?

In my 30+ years of providing marketing strategy and campaigns to small businesses,  I’ve found that it usually boils down to two reasons.

Reason No 1 Why More Prospects Aren’t Contacting You

The first reason is that your potential customers don’t know about you yet. They haven’t found you online or through any other form of marketing.  You’re virtually invisible.

The only way to fix this is to do some marketing.

However the kind of marketing you need to do to reach more prospects, is a big wide topic.  It will depend on

  • who your target market is
  • where they hang out
  • what their needs are
  • what they really really want
  • what the decision making process for your kind of product or service usually is
  • how you’re different to your competitors
  • what your budget is

What I want to focus on now in this post is Reason 2 – because that is something you can fix fairly quickly at no or low cost.

Reason No 2 Why More Prospects Aren’t Contacting You

Your potential customers fear you could be risky.

They may have found your listing or website or social media page, but are wary of giving you a go. They aren’t 100% confident you can help them, or do so for a fair price, or provide stellar customer service. They really don’t know you so they are not happy about risking their money with you.

What to Do About It

There are several ways to easily overcome the doubts listed in Reason 2 and inspire people to contact you and give you a go.   It’s all to do with building trust and removing risk.

In fact we have a proven process which has had a big impact on our client’s results.   Our process has several components, and they all work together to increase new business enquiries and conversions.

One of our clients, a young couple who run a painting company in Brisbane, decided to give our process a try to see if it would improve their enquiry rate and reduce their expensive Google Adwords costs.

Here’s just some of their results.

  • Since implementing four years ago, they’ve gone from 30% of new business coming from referrals – to a whopping 72%.
  • They are booked out for 2-3 months in advance
  • They’ve cut their Google Adwords advertising budget by two thirds

Special Invite – Free Masterclass on Getting More Business

I will be sharing details of our exact process on how to get more people to contact you, choose you over your competitors, and regularly refer you to their friends, in my How to Get More Enquiries, Business and Referrals Live Masterclass next week.

These are just some of the questions I’ll be answering:

  • Where does 65% of new business come from?
  • What do 85% of people do before making an enquiry or booking?
  • What makes people choose one business over another?
  • How do you get customers to refer you, over and over again, without having to constantly ask them?

This is knowledge that all business owners need to have if they want to take control of increasing the incoming cashflow.  Once you’ve got a bit of inside knowledge on buyer behavior, then the next step is to exploit it.  On the webinar, I’ll show you exactly what our clients are doing, and share further details of their results.

Places are limited so save your seat now here: How to Get More Enquiries, Business and Referrals  Masterclass

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I’m a loyal client of InspireCA, and also have a passion to help small business owners build a business that gives them the freedom to live life to the max and not just scrape by.  I love to inspire and help business owners to create the type of marketing and customer service that makes their business irresistible. I’m privileged to have a talented team at Commonsense Marketing who create and execute beautiful websites and engaging social media and email campaigns that deliver results. We love to work with the owners and teams of small to medium sized business who are motivated to become the best in their niche and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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