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Collaboration queen makes career out of passion

We believe that every business owner has an inspiring story to tell.  A story of how they began.  A story of how they overcame the odds.  A story of what drives them.  A story of when they had a breakthrough.  A story of who inspires them to keep going.  Entrepreneurs of Brisbane is where we tell these inspirational stories, one entrepreneur at a time.

Hi Entrepreneurs Jessica Kate here, Editor of Entrepreneurs of Brisbane (EOB) and Community Manager at Inspire CA.

Anyone who has met me, knows that I’m a people person.12631434_10156511813555305_5797993133473965635_n (1)

I get my energy from other people and I exist to share my own positive energy with the world.

I call this sharing of energy – collaboration.  And one of the Queens of collaboration is my friend Francesca Moi our EOB feature for this week.

Collaboration is one of the foundations of connection with other human beings.  It’s obviously an investment but I promise you, it’s worth the reward.

You probably already intuitively know this but shared experiences make you happier and are a key ingredient in social connection.

So what can you do with someone else that will make your connection stronger – Plan a group run, have a party, cook a meal, volunteer together or go to a networking event together?

With that action in mind, let me introduce you to our Entrepreneurs of Brisbane feature for this week.

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I nominated Francesca to be featured on Entrepreneurs of Brisbane because in a world where there are lots of Life Coaches and people running networking events Francesca is one of the good ones.

In fact during her interview she told me an unforgettable story about not getting burnt.  It goes a little like this (sorry francesca if I get it wrong)…

“I think of Entrepreneurship as ‘Entrepreneur-SHIP’.  We are all on this ship together and we can look out into the ocean of all the people there are to collaborate with.  Some people are sharks and some people are dolphins.  From above the water all you can see is a Fin.  It’s not until you get closer, under the surface that you realise if someone is a shark or a dolphin.”

Well I can tell you that Francesca is definitely a dolphin!  Her energy is abundant and her pure vision for helping connect like minded people has both helped me and many I know.

So, introducing Francesca Moi –

“I have lived my whole life living the life that everyone else wanted for me, until I realised it didn’t have to be that way.  I found my true passion in connecting like minded people and forming communities.  Collaboration is a powerful thing!  Why try to do it on your own when we can work together. My advice is believe in yourself, find what you are truly passionate about and surround yourself with passionate people.  Only then you will live the life you want to live!”


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