Collaboration Not Competition: a tale of 2 candles

Collaboration Not Competition: a tale of 2 candles 07 Mar

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Only read this if you operate business in a very competitive industry, like we do.

Competition = 2 competitive business owners fight over the flame of a single candle (a business opportunity). When they believe that only 1 can have the flame, they snuff out the flame so neither one can have it. Lose-Lose.

Collaboration = 2 competitive business owners believe they live in the land of opportunity and that there’s more than enough to go around. So they share what’s working for each of them and by so doing, one flame lights two candles. Win-win.

The accounting industry as a whole is no different to yours. Very cut throat, competitive, undercutting and in many cases outright negligent in their advice.

It’s a lose-lose for small business and entrepreneurship because the result is ?? advice, and extremely ☹☹ customer service – this might sound all too familiar to you if you’re not a client of Inspire.

So challenging the status quo, 3 months ago we set up a collaboration community called Accountants Making Radical Impact.

Where like minded firms who want to make a real difference in their clients lives, could share WWFM – or What’s Working For Me? … on their journey of being a life changing numbers person.

People said it wouldn’t work. They said that no one would truly share.

3 months later there are close to 200 global accountants who freely share WWFM everyday, all so that we can serve the ??? in a more meaningful way.

Could you do the same for your industry?

Let the ‘competitive’ businesses in your industry, snuff each other out into obsolescence.

Reach out to one (or many) of your ‘competitors’ and share your vision for helping each other out, as if there was more than enough to go around.

Because there is.

P.s. The inspiration from this story came from a full day spent with a fellow radical accounting firm (aka our ‘competitor’) where we essentially exchanged each of ours $5M+ business strategy & process.

Don’t let anyone tell you that collaboration won’t work.

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