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Building a Profit War Chest and save your Business

How a Small Business owners can very quickly amass Emergency Cash Reserves and Build a Profit War Chest:

Most business owners don’t have the time to or know-how to read the different accounting reports necessary to manage the financial aspect of a Business.

So many resort to “Bank Balance Accounting”, which is where we look at our bank balance every day and make important financial decisions based on what we see.

Very dangerous waters … but that’s not the worst thing.

Sales – Expenses = Profit.

In other words, Sell as much as you can.

Incur the expenses you need to deliver on your promises.

Then whatever is leftover is profit.

Profit is a leftover. Profit is an afterthought.

No wonder so many business owners tell me there barely is ever enough profit left over!

What a shame, given all the effort you put in. But there’s hope.

I have been behind many very successful businesses, and as the owner of an Accounting firm, I have see everyday what businesses can do to stop bleeding cash and start accumulating great profits.

It doesn’t matter if you turnover $5M, $500k or $50. The Cash Rich Business Model works.

Here’s what Small Business Owners are saying about the Become a Cash Rich Business [Workshop]


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Want to flip the formula, put profit first and get on top of your numbers?  



  • Book in a Quick 10 Min Chat here with an Inspire Chartered Accountant to talk about Tax Saving Strategies that will work for you.
  • Attend our Cash Rich Business Workshop where we will spend 2 hours walking you through the exact step by step process to become a far more profitable business than you currently are. https://inspireca.com/events


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