Build an Inspiring Book List with Harvee Pene (Partner & Business Advisor at Inspire CA) as he undertakes his 2016 Challenge:  Read (implement & review) a Book a Week.

Book Review: UNPROFESSIONAL by Jack Delosa – How a 26 year old university dropout became a self-made millionaire.


Happy pre-Australia Day people’s. Turns out this book a week challenge isn’t so hard, once you get your momentum up!

The key is in implementation, rather than passive reading. So here’s my review and an implementation point for this week. Jack Delosa Unprofessional.

It’s a brilliant ‘all rounder’ business book covering the key areas of business, Sales, Marketing, Vision, People, Online Strategies etc.

There’s a line in the book that I’ve never been able to forget which was (something along the lines of…) “most businesses are a solution looking for a problem”.

As an ideas guy …

(I think most Business owners are “Ideas People”, we all had the great idea to go into business for ourselves, dreaming of greater freedom and the ability to do things our way)

… I’ve been guilty of falling in love with my own products / services and trying to get everyone to do the same.

Jack teaches a great methodology of testing and iterating to ensure you achieve product to market fit, or put simply to ensure your product solves a need.

We applied this methodology 2 weeks ago in our own business and have since trimmed 3 service offerings from our menu enabling us to focus on the key 1 or 2 services that are both the most profitable and the most impactful for our clients. It’s also meant we could massively trim down our marketing activities pointing to these services – essentially saving us one Full Time person this year.

As the owner of an Accounting firm (but not an accountant) my favourite chapter that I recommend you read is Chap 7, “Know Your Numbers” as I know how many business owners struggle with this piece of their business pie and he explains the 3 things and the 3 people every business needs, so simply.
10 / 10 Jack. Looking forward to the next one, which I see is only a few months away ‪#‎unwritten‬ ‪#‎reinventtomorrow‬


  1. Bibi McMurray says


    Jack is an awesome guy and his vision is awesome. My copy of Unprofessional is filled with post-it notes. I love it, It is a keeper. Actually it’s the first book that I have ever underlined in which is normally a no go for me. But there was just so much great information.

    I can’t wait till unwritten is out. 🙂

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