Book Review: REWORK – Change the way you work forever

A better, faster, easier way to succeed in business

Build an Inspiring Book List with Harvee Pene (Partner & Business Advisor at Inspire CA) as he undertakes his 2016 Challenge:  Read (implement & review) a Book a Week.

Rework : Change the Way You Work Forever - Jason Fried

Straight up, people around me would say I’m a pretty impatient man.  So this is my kind of book – and yours too if you haven’t already given up reading.

No chapter is any longer than 3 pages.

You don’t have to read in order.

Every idea is typically a flip on what you have been taught.

For example –

ASAP is poison

UNDERDO the competition

Meetings are toxic

Fire the workaholics / Emulate drug dealers

Pick a fight

Planning is guessing

Inspiration is perishable

A great quick read.

My biggest takeaway – Stop throwing time at problems Harvee!  You’re smarter than that!

I’ve worked in environments where ‘chucking all-nighters’ was not only permitted but some team members would use it as a badge of honour.

I’m guilty of doing a second shift, from 8 pm – 11pm.  That’s weeknights.

And I’d do a sneaky 3 or 4 hour stint on sat and / or sun to ‘get a head start on the week’.

It’s stupid.  There’s family, personal or social priorities that are being sacrificed by these quick 3 hour sessions.

Reminds me of Tim Ferriss in the 4 Hour Work Week when we said “doing something unimportant well, doesn’t make it important’.

Time to get more effective and be ‘ok’ with leaving for the day with a To Do list.  There’ll always be something to do…


Have a good week ahead!  Let’s make it great!

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