[Book Review] Do Cool Sh*t: Quit your day job. Start your own business. Live happily ever after.

Do Cool Sh*t: Quit your day job.  Start your own business.  Live happily ever after.

by Miki Agrawal.


Build an Inspiring Book List with Harvee Pene (Partner & Business Advisor at Inspire CA) as he undertakes his 2016 Challenge:  Read (implement & review) a Book a Week.

I believe everyone wants to do cool shit in their lives.

Everyone wants to leave their mark.

Everyone wants to have the light turned on in their eyes.

Everyone wants to share stories that they care about.

So this is the guidebook to achieve just that.

Miki (the Author) seems like the perfect balance of fun loving hippie, crossed with super disruptive hippie.

There’s heaps of practical business stuff like how to start a business, fund it on a shoestring budget, brainstorm a

business plan, test a product, get great (free) press coverage.

But definitely told through the fun loving lense of a spirited girl who leading a life she can be proud of.

I found that really inspirational.

It’s definitely a refreshing change from some of the stuffy and heavy business books out there.

She’s very well accomplished –

She learned how to step out of her comfort zone in a foreign country.

She played soccer for the New York Magic

She partnered with Tony Hsieh of Zappos.com to launch her dream business.

My actionable takeaway this week is a little more light hearted compared to other weeks – it’s to find a girlfriend like Miki :).

If you like the happy ending stories of people who have no idea about business but just follow their heart and learn along the way – you’ll love Do Cool Sh*t.

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