Book Review: Daring and Disruptive: Unleashing the Entrepreneur by Lisa Messenger.

Book Review: Daring and Disruptive: Unleashing the Entrepreneur by Lisa Messenger .
Build an Inspiring Book List with Harvee Pene (Partner & Business Advisor at Inspire CA) as he undertakes his 2016 Challenge:  Read (implement & review) a Book a Week.
Morning all, Happy Monday
The Entrepreneurial Grind hit me hard last week – in a good way. Come Friday afternoon there was literally not a drop left in the tank. I literally gave it everything…. and slept 16 hrs straight from fri arvo to sat am.
I wouldn’t have event made it as far as Friday if it weren’t for all the truly inspirational Entrepreneurs we had the honor of interviewing as part of our upcoming features on Entrepreneurs of Brisbane .
Which lead me to pull up a chair by the pool on Saturday and Sunday and dive into a few beers, the cool water and the pages of this great book.
I’ve seen Lisa speak in person and she writes like she speaks. From the heart. From a place of huge passion. From deep experience in putting her dreams and beliefs out there.
There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. Individuality, innovation, disruption and the notion of pushing boundaries in a clever, respectful way is no longer accepted, but expected. It’s the new norm.
It’s as if running you own business has become the new Great Australian Dream – more important now than buying your first house.
The big thing I’m implementing from D & D was not so much a lesson from her book, but the fact she has the book and is able to recount so many stories (massive ‘OMG’ wins and huge dismal failures”.
My action is to associate my morning Coffee routine with a new habit of writing my entrepreneurial experiences down. The good and the bad.
A week seems to be a massive chaotic whirlwind of opportunity, spot fires, highs, lows and successes that I hardly take the time to just stop and realise how cool it is.
Come Friday I’m usually exhausted and ready to just ‘switch off’ that I tend to miss some of the valuable reflection and appreciation that can come from being acutely aware (and hugely grateful) for the entrepreneurial journey we’re on.
This is definately a sit-by-the-pool-in-summer-with-a-drink-and-book-in-hand kind of book.
Highly recommended.
Have a great week ahead

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