Anthill Online 30under30 2014

Ben has been humbled to be named as one of the Anthill Online 30under30 for 2014.

30under30 is an Anthill initiative that was launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians.

The program provides recognition to 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 for their outstanding entrepreneurial endeavours.

To be eligible for this year’s program, the entrepreneur must be under 30 years of age on 1 August of this year and must be an Australian citizen. (In other words, if someone asks you, on 1 August this year, how old you are and you say, “30″, you’re no longer eligible.)


The excerpt from the original article is below.

Ben Walker, QLD (b. 1989)

Name: Ben Walker
Age: 25 (born January 1989)
Gender: Male
State: QLD
Known for:  Inspire CA and Inspire Cafe

Forget time sheets; forget charging by the hour. Forget difficult to use software and glazing over in conversations with your accountant.

Inspire CA is for the business owner who wants to understand what drives their business, while partnering with an accounting firm who takes ownership of what we believe truly is the role of the business accountant.

“I started Inspire CA to head in the opposite direction to the traditional old way of the accounting industry,” Inspire Founder, Ben Walker, told us.

Ben’s activities are driven by a desire to completely shake up the accounting industry. This led Ben to open Inspire Cafe. As the name implies, Inspire Cafe is a coworking space, located in Newstead, Brisbane.

The company hosts a variety of entrepreneurial events — with a notable slant toward jazzing up otherwise blandish accounting topics – at the cafe each month. (One recent event was “Kill the Time Sheet — Value Pricing: Where to Begin.” Sounds cool).

And Ben is working toward wow factor in his business.

“I really want to build a business (or businesses) that create a “WOW” because of what they stand for and the way that it treats it’s clients – I want to put the ‘heart’ into accounting and lead as an example for other businesses,” he added.

Since its start in 2013, the Inspire family of businesses has been rapidly growing.

“I started with just me on my own, February 2013 with $30,000 in annual equivalent revenue from clients that I brought with me over the years.

We quickly grew to 4 people in 4 months – and in our first 12 months, we grew ten-times in annual equivalent revenue!” Ben told us.

Because of his business’ rocketing to fruition with such rapid growth, Ben Walker joins the ranks of the 2014 Anthill 30under30!

Anthill asks: Ben Walker, what’s your super power?

Haha… I got some feedback on this from the ol’ “peer group” and apparently the closest super hero is the Juggernaut from X-Men… for a variety of reasons, mainly because I’m unstoppable (or rather, I don’t stop).

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