…and here’s the other half of your success formula

…and here’s the other half of your success formula

Because we’re all about helping families derive more benefit from the business they own rather than merely working in a business that owns them, we need to shine a light on the whole truth about commercial success.  It’s a little unconventional but there again, I already started a paragraph with “because” so what could be worse than that, right?

It’s not all about the numbers

Knowing your numbers, working with them, understanding that they are indicators and/or contra-indicators of future success is vital to the long term success and growth of your business.  That’s the truth!  And so is this:

“Your pipeline is your lifeline”

Without a sales and/or services pipeline that is constantly full or being filled, all your tomorrows may be filled with uncertainty.  Again, understanding and using your numbers to great effect will ensure the revenue you generate offers maximum benefit – but without pipeline replenishment, you’ll have less and less to work with.

Here’s what we all need to know

Brands make businesses sustainable.  It’s true.  Whether large or small, your business runs on reputation and what people perceive to be the value of your goods and services within a defined market.  I’m pretty sure that’s written down somewhere.

In our opinion, “Dent: key person of influence” is one of the best in the business of business branding and for that matter, so does the Huffington Post.  They dubbed them “the world’s leading personal brand accelerator.”

An offer as close to free as we could make it!

Okay, back to making your revenue do more for you and your business: I have a discount code that will save you 50% on the price of admission to Dent Business Brand Accelerator events in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane.

The focus is on:

Scalability – freeing yourself from the day to day demands of running your business.

Differentiation – it feels like “unique” is becoming extinct.  Here’s how to stand out from the crowd.

Influence – helping you to set yourself and your business as a destination which in turn draws the market to you.

Aaaand here’s the code  that unlocks the huge discounts and details the dates and venues.

I can’t make the Brisbane event but such is the value to businesses of the principles taught here, I’m heading down to the Sydney event which is Saturday 25 February.

Seriously, what’s not to like?



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