7 Impressive Marketing Blogs You Can Share With Your Clients


I’m sure that you can relate with your clients that developing engaging content takes an enormous, disciplined effort to get momentum.

So does everything that’s worth it.

Best of all? Like the promise of a flywheel, it gets easier as you go.

But what do you share with your clients during the time in between your own blog posts? There’s plenty of other blogs out there with exceptional content that you can share – and it is sure to add some serious value to your clients.

Here’s 7 of the Most Impressive Marketing Blogs

1. The Moz Blog

Focus: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Moz is heavy into PR, SEO, websites and everything digital marketing. It also has some very impressive tools that you can use to monitor and better your websites.

The Moz Blog is sourced from a wide variety of contributors too, which I find gives you great variety of opinion and expertise.

2. Inbound Hub, by HubSpot

Focus: Inbound Marketing

This one is all about inbound marketing. So is there ‘All-in-one’ inbound marketing software and these guys are just giving away the value!

While I don’t know the depths of their product, I have been a reader of their content for a good year or more now.

3. CopyBlogger

Focus: Content Development for Online Marketing

This is a very impressive website, and I recommend registering for their free membership. There’s over a dozen content heavy eBooks that are available just for providing your name and email.

4. Seth Godin’s Blog

Focus: Changing everything

Seth’s insights are incredible. And I remember reading once that he even writes them daily at 4 something a.m.

Seth is also the author of 17 books, all with golden nuggets to help businesses skyrocket.  He is a ‘must follow’ for any business looking for a marketing edge (which should be any business!).

5. KISSmetrics

Focus: Marketing Analytics

Great for clients with SaaS, ecommerce or a heavy amount of traffic to their sites. KISSmetrics is another blog with plenty of giveaway eBooks too.

Some serious insights for those interested in the numbers behind their online marketing.

6. Insights, by Sprout Social

Focus: Social Media Marketing

There’s a massive focus on the relationship with the customer in this blog.

The authors share plenty of social media tips and best practices together with examples of how businesses have successfully integrated social media.

7. MailChimp Blog

Focus: Email Marketing

The MailChimp Blog provides some great value for businesses that integrate email marketing into what they do. I would hope that email marketing should be a critical part in any business today.

The blog also doubles as an instruction manual or ‘best pratice’ reference guide to the MailChimp product itself.


If you’ve read a phenomenal marketing blog that I haven’t mentioned here, do share it in the comments section below!

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