6 Steps To Research Your Competitors

We recently invited Jon Hollenberg founder of Five by Five on the webinar topic ‘How to create a kickass website (that actually works) Here’s what he said on the 6 steps to research your competitors –

The cool thing about the internet is you can research all your competitors and understand what it is that they’re doing to succeed. What are the strategies that they’re using? Whether they’re running a bunch of paid traffic or whether they’re absolutely nailing their SEO, or maybe they’re driving a tonne of traffic off social. You can see all this sort of stuff.

We can go and audit the people that you’re going up head to head with, uncover gaps and opportunities. And we can dig into some opportunities, or some corners of the world that you can absolutely shine in. So, the outcome is just understanding what the competitive landscape looks like.

Watch the webinar replay, ‘How To Create A Kickass Website That Actually Works’ on our Facebook Page, or Book a FREE Strategy Call with an Inspire Accountant today.

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