5 Types Of Employer Sponsored Visas

We recently invited Michel Sulzbach and Erica Carino, directors of Bravo Migration to a webinar on the topic, ‘Hiring Temporary Residents on a Visa’ 

Here’s what they said –

The options under temporary visas would be the 482 TSS Sponsorship Visa, which is the old 457.

In 2017, the Government woke up and said, “We’re abolishing the 457. No one else can be sponsored. But we’re implementing the 482.” Which is pretty much the same thing with a few tweaks. The 457 was on the news all the time. So what the government did is, “Let’s scrap that out and start with a new number. And people will think that that’s something completely new,” which wasn’t the case. 

Then we have the 407 training visa which is also a sponsorship visa and this is important especially to those in the health industry. When you bring someone from overseas, a lot of the health professionals have to obtain registration in Australia before being able to work autonomously in their position. 

Instead of going for the 482, we go for the 407 which is being sponsored by the company. But during that time for a maximum of two years, they were working and going through the process of obtaining their full registration to work in Australia. And then once they get the full registration, we either go for the 482 or the 186. 

Then we have the 494, which is a regional visa and very similar to 482 as well. And we have the 400, which is a short stay business visa, usually for up to three months and it’s only granted from offshore. 

And the permanent visa option is the subclass 186.

Watch the full webinar, ‘Hiring Temporary Residents on a Visa’ at https://learning.benwalker.com/courses/hiretempvisas

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