Conclusion (14:37)

HARVEE: Yeah, beautiful. There are the five considerations that I want you guys to give the gift to yourself of having at least, it doesn’t have to be perfect, and a wonderful five page plan. It can look as simple as some notes in your iPhone, or a little piece of paper where we’re scribbling these key numbers down. What is the magic number around profit? What would an ideal year look like in the terms of the number of holidays? Even get excited about the locations and the duration of them. Think about what an ideal week might look like? Is it Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday in the office and are those in times between seven and four, or is it even earlier so you can get home to pick up the kids?

Is Wednesdays your work on the business day where you WOW like we do? Or do you have another day or another time that that’s done? Also, what are some excuses, or what are some pre-planned triggers that if no questions asked, if you don’t do the WOWs or the working on your business during the weeks, that at least every year you’re taking some time out, either with your business partner or yourself, or with the team as well, to actually have a plan about where we’re heading in that next period. With the keyword, or the key part of that word being treats. It is a treat and I don’t think we should shy away from that in business. We work our butts off and deliver a great value for ourselves and for our community and you absolutely deserve to be treated.

That’s the end of our webinar. I wanted to give you guys a heads up on what’s coming up this month. I also want to ask for some help please. One of the things that Ben and I worked on in our work on the business was a one day workshop that we’re going to be rolling out this year for small business owners. That’s because we received a lot of feedback in the last 12 months about how business owners are in business, and they’re doing what they do, but they don’t really have firm control on the numbers. They aren’t actually numbers people and they want to get an understanding about what are the key numbers that we can set up, whether it be in calculations and lifestyle design, whether it be calculations and profit, or whether it be setting up key KPIs for the team members so that we’ve got this numbers based machine that’s running and pushing and helping us create a beautiful business.

We’ve put together this business workshop and we’re running our first beta workshop in about two weeks time. Before I release this invitation to the world, if you like, in terms of coming on to that very first workshop, I really would love some feedback. If you guys are willing to give me an email address that I could flick you through the agenda. Please don’t share it with anybody yet, until I share it with the world. I’m just looking for a bit of perspective. Ben and I were in that zone in burn, but we want some second opinions on what else absolutely must be included in this workshop. If you’re willing to give me some feedback, either by email or a quick phone call after you’ve read through the agenda, I’d really appreciate that a lot.

The way you can help us out, if you’re willing to do so is email and I’ll get that and say, “Yeah, I’m willing to help and give you my two cents worth on the Cash Rich Business workshop.” I’ll send you through the agenda and if you can give me some feedback on what we absolutely must put in there, then I’d really appreciate that from whatever perspective you’re coming from. Whether it be a small business owner, or whether it be an accounting firm who may be in today’s session as well. The other heads up that I want to give you, especially if you’re a local here in Bris Vegas, if you haven’t heard, we have an Inspire meetup. They became very famous in 2015, we are absolutely bringing them back in a big way in 2016.

Our first Inspired meetup is next Thursday afternoon at 4:30 pm. It’s an Australia Day themed meetup in which we’re celebrating great Australian businesses. We’ve got a great special guest speaker who is the founder of a very powerful movement here in Brisbane called Entrepreneurs of Brisbane and you’re going to love the message he’s got to share in celebrating all great things Australian. We’re also going to have lamingtons and meat pies and I think Ben’s dad is going to bring some sausage and have a barbie down there. This is a great opportunity for small business owners to come and connect and meet each other and network and share ideas about what’s working for them. We’ve got some really powerful meetups coming up this year. In fact, just a little bit of snippet.

Jessica, who’s our event coordinator is on the phone with Warner James today, speaking about how we might be able to get some pretty powerful names and identities and profiled business owners to be able to share their unique stories. Definitely stay close if you want to be inspired about creating a great business this year. Thanks very much everybody for attending our first webinar. Happy New Year and welcome back. Again, give yourself that gift of taking the time, go out and grab a coffee now if you have to. Scribble down with your pen those five things.

What profit do I want this year, what holidays do I want to commit myself to taking this year and next, how much time do I want to spend working in and on the business, and what about specific excuses like retreats or conferences, perhaps, could I attend that will give me the accountability to working on my business. Not just continually during the week, but to break up my year in one, two, or three segments. Give yourself that gift and I look forward to boosting collectively our profits in 2016. Thanks guys, we’ll see you next month or next Thursday at our meetup.

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