4 Game-Changing tips on ‘How To Maintain Focus’


Focus, focus, focus. Learn how to stay focused, laser-sharp focus on your goals and stick to your priorities.

How to maintain focus?

That’s exactly what I think about when I think of focus, is a magnifying glass. You probably did this when you were a kid, you have an A4 piece of paper and you can only see so much, but if you put a magnifying glass over there it will reveal so much more. You can see the detail of the paper, if there’s writing on it, it becomes so close. However, if you get the force of something, of nature behind you, whether it be, say the sun, then that piece of paper literally catches on fire, and that is the power of focus. You can magnify your efforts and intensity into your goals and literally set them on fire. Here are some tips on how to do that in your life.

Focus tip number one, you’ve got to define SMART goals.

S stands for specific, these goals have to be really specific, they’ve got a clear start and end date, and also visual about what you want them to look like.

stands for measurable, so you can measure your progress as you go and you can also measure what complete and finish looks like.

A is my favorite one, this is assignable. This is when you’re able to help enlist the help of other people around you, whether they be team members or mentors or partners that you work with to jump onboard and help get these things done.

R stands for Realistic, They need to be realistic. You can’t be over-aspirational about what you think you and your team can achieve if it’s not within the reality of the world.

T stands for time-measurable, it needs to be able to be measured in time. We want to have some really clear definitions about when to start and when to finish, and make sure everybody’s on top of what these time expectations are.



Tip 2: “Please do not disturb.”

Now, your time is precious and you need to let everybody around you know that it’s precious, because focus is going to give you the ability to literally set your goals on fire. What are some strategies that you can use to give everybody the message about do not disturb? One thing that I recommend as a business owner is to try and get your first biggest priority done before you even get in the office. You all know what it’s like when you get in there employees go, “Hey, can I get this or can I get your perspective on that?” Knowing that that’s going to be the case, try and get something done before you even get into that environment.

Having a system about what a ‘closed door’ and ‘open door’ means is super powerful! You might be able to communicate that type of message to your team. For those of you who work in an open environment like I do, and those who work in coworking spaces, a good message about Do Not Disturb could relate to having headphones on. I’ve never known some people to literally listen to music during the day, well sometimes they just leave their headphones on just to send the message that, “I’m not one to be disturb right now while I’ve got my headphones on.”

Tip 3: ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’

You have to start your day with an intention about what you want to achieve, and this looks like having a daily prioritized to-do list. Now a good thing that I learned is to get a piece of paper, you fold it up in half, you fold it up in half again, you fold it up in half one more time, and whatever you can fit in that piece of paper is all you’re going to aim to achieve in one day. Now the next part of that is to prioritize them. Realistically you can probably fit about five, maybe six great things to be done today. Prioritize what those five are and have them, then you can have them in your pocket, you can always reference them throughout the day to make sure you’re on track with your priorities.

Tip 4: Focus is about prioritizing tasks.

Now we’ve already talked about the fact that your first hour of your day is the most valuable, that’s when you’re most optimistic, that’s when you got the most energy, and that’s before everyone’s come to borrow that energy off of you.

Focus on whatever your priority is.

Here’s the thing about us Business owners, our job is to be focused on prioritising big impact projects. What are the projects we can get behind that will have a lasting effect for many years to come? If you find yourself doing things that only have low impact, then you’re not going to be able to achieve these big goals in your business.

Focus on things that have big impact, massive return on investment, or that affect a number of people, whether it be team members of clients with one effort.

That might look like writing a blog article or recording a YouTube video that will forever be there and will impact hundreds and thousands of people who have actually watch these things. That’s the priorities that you need to focus on as business owners.

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