The 1st Step Of A Killer Digital Strategy

We recently invited Jon Hollenberg founder of Five by Five on the webinar topic ‘How to create a kickass website (that actually works)

Here’s what he said –

From a client engagement perspective, this is where we really dig into the client. We try to understand who they are, what they do, who they’re doing it for. So, understanding the client’s client and forming up a really detailed avatar as to who they’re serving out there in the world. 

What does the product ecosystem look like? So, how does someone sort of move through the different products in your business? How do you engage with the client, what does that actually look like from start to finish? How you actually put dollars into a bank account.

It might seem a really simple thing but this is where we dig into all this sort of stuff. Average dollar sales and margins. If you can understand it, then it really becomes just a mathematics and a numbers game to say, “Well, I need X amount of leads at X amount of conversation rate and X amount of retention, and I can grow and scale my business.” So, the outcome is just partnering with someone that ultimately just gets to know you and your business.

Watch the webinar replay, ‘How To Create A Kickass Website That Actually Works’ at

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