Accountant for Health and Fitness Businesses.

If you’re looking for an accountant for health and fitness businesses, we’d love to help you at Inspire CA.

Ben has also been on his own health and fitness journey.  He has personally experienced a change from being unhealthy and unfit, to losing weight, gaining muscle and increased fitness.  The most rewarding change that Ben noticed was in his mind.

For this reason, at Inspire CA we love working with health and fitness professionals who’s purpose is to see their clients reach their health and fitness goals.

At Inspire CA, we help a number of health and fitness professionals build better businesses, create more profitability while providing more value to their customers to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Some of the types of the health and fitness professionals we look after are:
  • Gyms
  • Health & Fitness Professionals
  • Personal Training Studios

What is important when it comes to Health and Fitness Businesses?

There’s a few things that need to be monitored in a health and fitness business, such as:
  • Planning products and logistics around peak and off-peak times of day
  • Identifying complementary products or services for your clients
  • Exploring the leverage available through group training
  • Ensuring that you’ve got a steady flow of leads to offset any customers lost
  • Creating opportunities to expand your team to support your growing business

Numbers you need to know

At Inspire CA, we have a strong focus on helping our clients understand the numbers that grow their business.  As a fitness and health business, our key numbers that we focus on are:
  • Average client value – to identify any additional value you could be providing to your clients
  • Number of leads – often we find that there is a lack of consistent leads in health and fitness businesses
  • Retention rate – we want to be measuring and better managing when you lose clients

How can we help you achieve your goals as an accountant for health and fitness businesses?

At Inspire CA, we can help you in a number of ways by:
  • Helping you better understand and manage your cash flow
  • Structuring your business for growth from the outset, encompassing asset protection and tax planning
  • Identifying cloud solutions to help you run your fitness business
  • Walk you through the planning and budgeting process in your business
  • Review your numbers on a regular basis and offer help to create profitability

Resources for Health and Fitness Businesses

Fitness Australia [Industry Association]

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