Businesses for Good: Embedding the Concept of Giving into Everyday Life

One of the most exciting aspects of modern life is the feeling we wake up with every morning that something amazing could happen at any given time. The world is so huge, people are diligently working somewhere while we‘re asleep, and the world is so connected these days that if someone has an idea halfway around the world while we‘re sleeping, it‘s sitting in our Inbox when we sit down to have our morning coffee. That‘s an exciting way to live, and here at Inspire CA we‘ve always got our ear to the ground for new ideas – especially when it comes to making the world a better place.

Negative Inertia

Most people have difficulty overcoming the negative inertia that affects everyone. People at rest tend to stay at rest – the end result is that your chances of getting a donation or other contribution for a good cause goes up inversely with the level of effort required.

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When we were introduced to Paul Dunn and the Buy One Give One (B1G1: Business For Good) Project, we knew we‘d found one of those brilliant ideas.

Business for Good

B1G1 is an awesome concept. When your business joins up, it literally embeds giving into your everyday actions. It‘s called “micro-giving” and it is brilliant.

The examples are infinite. Your local coffee shop joins, and every time they sell a coffee, someone in the world got access to clean water – which we’ve even adopted right here at Inspire Café! Or you engage an accountant, and part of the fee you pay them automatically feeds a dozen people who are starving. It’s all about embedding the giving so it’s automatic, and about the giving being micro, so it’s painless and effortless – but cumulative.

Businesses get to choose the initiatives they want to support, and all it takes is joining B1G1 and configuring the impact you want to have. But that’s not all. It gets even more exciting when you learn about the Map.

The Map

The map can be found at, and Paul Dunn, current Chairman of B1G1, has created an awesome video explaining the sheer genius of the Business for Good Map below. On the B1G1 Map, you can see all the areas of the world where businesses have signed up with B1G1, and not only that – you can click on any individual business and see in real time the donations they’ve generated, precisely where those donations went and what for, and what other businesses support those specific initiatives. In fact, if you go to the B1G1 Map right now and type “Inspire CA” into the search box, we’ll pop up and you can see all the good we’ve done so far. Here’s a quick look:

[youtube id=”rCmquSzjUiw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

It’s brilliant. Removing the barriers that prevent people from doing well and making it into a constant, everyday part of normal life. No sudden efforts that then fade away, no stops and starts. Just a constant stream of good being done, all while we’re just living our lives and getting our work done.

If this aligns to your values, you can join today. There is literally no reason not to. Join today and experience what it’s like to know that everything you do not only benefits you and your business professionally, but benefits the world – and benefits it in a real-time way you can literally see on the map.

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