Meet Gulshan

My journey with Inspire has truly been incredible! I started as a Bookkeeping intern – fast forward 3 years and I’m now a Manager, part of the sales team as well as a mentor to our wider team. After I had obtained my degree, I was looking for anything and everything, but once I came across Inspire, I was captivated. I was desperate to be a part of Inspire as I felt so entwined with their values and you can see that they actually care about other people.

At the time, Inspire didn’t have any available positions but I was determined to be a part of this company. I went all in – stopped applying for all other roles and continually persisted by taking part in their workshops and events till they had no choice but to take me in.

The reason why I have an obligation to be better and constantly improve is just to help the clients at the end of the day and to provide more value. If not given the right advice, I’ve seen how wrong things can go in a business and I don’t want anyone to go through that.

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Outside of Inspire

I’m a dad to our baby boy, Reyansh. My wife Sazel and I are really excited with this next chapter of our lives! The majority of my time is spent trying to be a father and if I am given the time, I cherish time with friends, having a few beers as I love catching up and socialising.

One of my favourite pastimes is playing tennis, but I’m getting out a lot less as Reyansh occupies most of my time now. Otherwise, you can find me attending inspirational events around mental health and sustainability as that is one of my passions.

What is your favourite thing about working at Inspire?

What gives me the most joy is being someone that business owners can trust. I feel that I’m a great listener, and just listening to my clients and being present is my devotion. I’m privileged to be in this position and crave the process of being better. I’ve seen from Ben that some of his best friends are clients and those types of relationships are what I love and aspire to nurture here.

Brisbane Accountant family
How did you get interested in accounting and business?

My dad has always been in business. As I have constantly been exposed to business and accounting since I was young, I’d start to understand the jargon and internal workings of a business. I also wouldn’t say I have a knack for numbers, but I’ve never been intimidated and so accounting felt like a suitable fit for me.

What is the biggest impact of your business?

In terms of impact, when I started here, it was from the ground up. I’ve taken a very long journey of trials and tribulations. My own story of going through every step and obstacle along the way to becoming a Senior Account Manager is something that people have learnt from and gained motivation from. I feel like I act as an example and have paved the way for other accountants and to show that there is no ceiling here and the world is undoubtedly your oyster.

What are some books you recommend?

For new fathers, I’d highly recommend ‘Sleeping Like A Baby’ by Pinky Mckay. I also really like ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama. Just the journey of where she’s come from and what she’s achieved with what little she had is inspirational.

Brisbane Accountant family
Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I would have to choose sustainable cities and communities, and climate action. I’ve always felt like sustainability should be the default way of life and it should be a given. We’re going to see so much beauty in our lifetime, and we need to preserve that for future generations and it shouldn’t take that much to care about the earth.



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Meet VJ

I started working at Inspire in December 2022 as a Junior Accountant.My experience at Inspire has been incredibly rewarding. When I first joined, I was unfamiliar with many of the processes and details, but thanks to the support of everyone here, I quickly felt at ease and was able to grow and learn. I now feel much more confident with the processes and tasks at hand, and it has been a fulfilling journey.

As I reflect on my time at Inspire, I realise that I have learned a great deal, and there is still much more to learn. I eagerly look forward to more challenges and opportunities for growth, as well as the positive moments that come with serving our clients.

 Seeing the satisfaction on our clients’ faces when their work is completed and their accounts are in order is truly fulfilling. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that our hard work is paying off and making a difference for our clients. I am grateful for the chance to contribute to the team and continue to do my best in serving our clients and achieving success together.

VJ Sharma
Outside of Inspire

I enjoy spending my weekends outdoors, socialising, and meeting new people. If the weather is nice, I often head to the beach to soak up some sun, take a swim, and even indulge in some sports activities. I used to be a professional cricket player for 4-5 years, and I still have a passion for playing sports in general. Being outdoors and staying active helps me relax and recharge after a busy week of work from Monday to Friday.

 I also like to go to the gym to stay fit and maintain my active lifestyle. Resting too much doesn’t suit my nature, as I am always eager to be on the move and make the most out of my free time. That’s just how I am!

VJ Cricket Game
How did you get interested in accounting?

During my time in high school, I developed a liking for accounting and numbers, particularly in the field of finance. I also enjoyed playing sports, but accounting was one of the few subjects that truly captivated my interest. I pursued accounting further and began serving clients, which is something I genuinely enjoy. Providing excellent service and offering sound advice to clients gives me a sense of fulfilment. When our clients express satisfaction with our services and provide positive feedback, it feels incredibly rewarding. Similarly, receiving recognition from the team for a job well done serves as motivation to continue striving for excellence. It’s a wonderful feeling to contribute positively to the team and receive feedback that inspires me to do even more.

VJ 3
What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

One of the things I really appreciate about working at Inspire is the team culture. Unlike my previous experiences in part-time jobs or what I’ve heard from friends about professional workplaces, Inspire fosters a close-knit team environment where everyone is willing to help each other. The team engages in activities like “Thank You” circles on Fridays, which creates a positive atmosphere and boosts team morale. This kind of culture allows me to express myself comfortably as an employee and feel supported in my work. It’s truly heartwarming to receive appreciation from my team members, and it’s equally rewarding to see others being acknowledged for their achievements. This positive dynamic within the team creates a ripple effect of happiness and motivation, and it’s something I truly value about working at Inspire.

VJ 4
What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

While I may not know the exact impact, I have been actively taking some workload off Gulshan’s plate. My aim is to assist him in focusing on his core responsibilities and deliverables by taking care of tasks that I can handle on my end. This way, he doesn’t have to worry too much about what’s going on with me and can concentrate on his own priorities. It’s not about claiming to have a significant impact, but rather trying to make things easier for him so that he can devote his attention to the tasks at hand.

Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

Quality Education – I firmly believe that everyone deserves access to education and opportunities to develop, grow, and thrive, regardless of their background. It’s important for individuals to have a chance to better themselves and contribute positively to society.

Gender Equality – Gender equality should prevail in all fields, not just limited to the corporate world. As I mentioned earlier, access to quality education should be available to everyone, regardless of their gender. It’s crucial that everyone, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities and access to resources. Gender should not determine the level of access or opportunities one has in any aspect of life. Equality should be the norm and gender should not be a barrier.



Meet Tina

Since starting at Inspire in May of 2022, I’ve been challenged in new ways and feel like I’ve been making the right moves. The team is enthusiastic about my work and actively supports my growth, which is a huge motivator for me. 

My primary responsibilities at Inspire include organising client files, preparing documents for DocuSign, and assisting with client requests. While I’m currently focused on gaining more experience, I’m excited to continue growing with the company and see where this journey takes me.

Finding myself in a new work environment has been a challenging but rewarding experience. Fortunately, Inspire offers a diverse and supportive workplace culture with excellent benefits. I feel lucky to have found a healthy working environment where everyone supports one another.

Whether I’m contributing to the company or working on my personal growth, my efforts are always recognized and appreciated. Seeing my contributions alleviate some of the workload for Gulshan and Tabbie is particularly fulfilling, as it means my work is making a tangible difference.

Tina 1
Outside of Inspire

I spend a lot of time outside of Inspire exploring Asian foods that interest me and comfort me after a long day at work. You can usually find me having a peaceful moment in a local park near my workplace. There’s nothing more fulfilling than good food and fresh air during weekdays. You can find me in my comfy bed watching Netflix or listening to Spotify on weekends.

Tina 2
How did you get interested in Client Service?

My professional background is primarily in Human Resource Management, which involves handling paperwork for the company much like client services. As a result, transitioning to my role at Inspire was relatively seamless. However, my true passion lies in assisting the team, and I find that to be the most fulfilling aspect of my work.

Tina 3
What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

What I love most about working at Inspire is the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing employees here. The entire team gets together once a week to acknowledge and appreciate everyone’s contributions to our projects. During these meetings, we have the chance to catch up with one another and discuss our varied jobs, interests, and goals. Seeing the positive results of our collective efforts is incredibly gratifying. I also enjoy interacting with my colleagues and learning more about them personally.

Tina 4
What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

Currently, my most significant contribution has been assisting Team Gulshan with tasks that I am capable of managing, allowing them to concentrate on more significant projects. My experience here has been a valuable learning opportunity, providing me with fresh perspectives on various topics. It has also given me insight into the dynamics of the team, allowing me to determine if I am a good fit.

Tina 5
What are some books/movies/podcasts you recommend?

The Twilight books I’ve read have been a source of inspiration for me. Reading them has provided me with a deeper understanding of how people can have vastly different perspectives and opinions on various topics. I find it fascinating to explore these differences through the lens of the Twilight series and believe that it is an excellent way to connect with other readers in the area who share similar interests. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed both the books and the movie adaptations.

Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I have chosen to support two causes: Zero Hunger and Peace and Justice. Hunger has been a prevalent issue in society for years, and I believe that providing food is one of the best ways to prevent suffering and promote healthy living for families. This is especially critical for abandoned children who have no means of feeding themselves. I also believe that conserving food is crucial in addressing the problem of hunger.

In addition, I am passionate about promoting Peace and Justice Strong Institutions as a means of advancing equality. We need strong leaders who can bring stability and fairness to society, and just laws to protect people and reduce oppression and inequality. A safe and just world will enable individuals to thrive and contribute to society.



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