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Ronalyn Jaudian

Marketing Assistant

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Bachelor of Science in Information TechnologyCertificate in Digital Marketing
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Marketing Program of the Year 2023
Marketing Program of the Year 2022
Meet Rona

I began my role with Inspire in May 2022 and have been passionate about it ever since. As a member of the marketing team, I work closely with Roze, our Marketing and Partnership Manager, and Althea, my co-VA. My responsibilities include updating the company website, SEO, and transcribing/copywriting, which I thoroughly enjoy. Additionally, I contribute to various marketing projects on a daily basis.

My experience with Inspire has been both awesome and rewarding. Joining the team was a significant milestone for me as I discovered my creative side and honed my marketing skills. Initially, I wasn’t sure if my skills were aligned with marketing until I landed this job. 

Every day, I look forward to catching up with the team during our daily meetings. Inspire is a dream team because they have the values that I look for in a company. It’s heartwarming when everyone appreciates each other’s efforts. There is harmony and unity within the team, and that’s what I value the most.

Working with Roze and Tey on the marketing team is fulfilling. Our team is always busy as we serve as the frontliners in promoting the business and services to attract potential clients. Filling the gaps to progress and execute better is very rewarding. The three of us work hand in hand to materialise Ben’s vision for the company, and I’m grateful that we are in sync to make it happen.

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Outside of Inspire

After a long day’s work, I immerse myself in training and webinars for my online business, as well as creating and publishing content while also keeping a close eye on my social media platforms and website for potential sales. In addition to that, reading books, journaling, and binge-watching movies or Netflix series are my favourite pastimes.

During the weekdays, my partner and I often indulge in our cravings and explore different places to eat as well.. We share a lot of common interests such as music, travel, food and movies. During the weekend, I always look forward to spending quality time with my son and family. Whether it’s taking them out for lunch or dinner or cooking their favourite dishes at home, I enjoy being with them. Reading, learning, playing, taking walks in the park, and watching cartoons are some of the things that I love to do with my son.

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How did you get interested in marketing?

Creating digital content is a natural talent of mine, and it has been my passion and hobby for a long time. I enjoy free writing, blogging, video editing and social media content creation. 

I am grateful to be a part of Inspire’s marketing team, where my tasks align with my interests and skills. Working with the team never feels like work because it’s my passion that keeps me going. Being on the marketing team has allowed me to discover myself and my potential in this field, which I will always appreciate.

What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

I hold Inspire in high regard for promoting the value of Work-Life Balance. They ensure that the tasks they assign to you match your skills and interests, allowing you to enjoy every aspect of your work. 


At Inspire, diversity is not just a means of achieving equality, but an essential foundation of their culture. The entire team is warm and friendly, yet highly professional, fostering an atmosphere that doesn’t feel like work, but rather an enjoyable and comfortable environment.

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What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

I provide assistance to the marketing team by allowing them sufficient time to refine their deliverables and increase their productivity. According to our Marketing Head, Roze, I am a valuable asset to the team and help them move forward at a faster pace. I aid the team in overcoming challenging obstacles and focus mainly on our website, transcribing/copywriting, social media contents and enhancing our branding, which I find enjoyable to work on.

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What are some books you recommend?

My recommended book is “The Magic – The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, which emphasises the importance of gratitude and positive thinking regardless of circumstances. It inspires the reader to have faith in themselves and believe that anything is achievable.

In addition, I highly recommend checking out the blogs from BXD Now, a platform where I also contribute. We share feel-good content, life hacks, how-tos, and stories that cater to various interests. You can also read my previous articles about life perspectives and lifestyles by visiting this link:

Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I strongly advocate for Quality Education as it serves as a key to greater opportunities. In the Philippines, it’s considered a luxury that not everyone can afford. Education provides the gateway to achieve more than what we aim for in life. I firmly believe that once we possess knowledge and wisdom, achieving the remaining Sustainable Development Goals will be within reach.


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