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Rhody Mae Agtoto

Client Service Manager

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Meet Rhody

I’ve just begun with Journey with Inspire and so far, it’s been an awe-inspiring experience. In inspire, I love the atmosphere, everyone is really friendly and approachable, and even the diversity of my colleagues is eye-opening considering everyone has different origins.

The best part of my role would be helping out Angela and Sequoia. Knowing that I have helped them lessen their workloads and resultantly they’re able to focus more on things and inevitably make a greater impact on the wider team is an incredible feeling. It makes me feel a part of something bigger.

On a personal note, I really like aesthetic things and am drawn to minimalist designs. I aim to be a very neat and organised person which i think is necessary and helpful in my work. Though i may appear shy at first, I’m actually an extrovert at heart.

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Outside of Inspire

I spend a lot of my time outside of inspire with my boyfriend, Danny. For pass times, we like to watch Netflix series and watch volleyball games, he is an avid fan and I’m starting to become one too as I’ve begun to play social volleyball. Both my parents work abroad, so I cherish every moment I get to speak with them.

My amazing friends continuously check up on me and have random chats talking about memes to get me out of my bubble.

Once in a while i visit my Lola (grandmother), who lives miles away from the city to taste her home made food and keep her company. I love the ‘Pork Pochero’ that she cooks.

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How did you get interested in client services?

I got interested in client services & virtual assistance because I always felt a sense of accomplishment when I know I have supported someone even in the simplest of ways, such as giving advice or providing a helping hand. It gives me confidence and makes me remember that i am worthy of something, in a certain way.

I realised I also wanted to help people and always want to find the most efficient way to help them out and provide them value.

What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

It is definitely the working environment and the culture. Everyone is so warm, positive and the atmosphere is extremely family-like. Even though we’ve only engaged through screens & zoom thus far, everyone feels very familiar. I like that everyone is accommodating, friendly and very approachable.

I really love working here.

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What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

I feel like one of the biggest impacts that Keiffer and I have made is that we’ve been able to lessen the workload of our managers, Angela and Sequoia. As a result of our work, they can do a lot more work that they otherwise couldn’t have fulfilled with their given capacity. Keiffer and I are very much looking forward to learn more from our managers/mentors.

I really respect their advice and really take their words to heart. It makes me happy that they appreciate my work as well.

What are some books you recommend?

I would recommend ‘Game of thrones’. I am a huge GOT fan and Daenerys is my favourite character. It was recommended to me by my college friends and I loved it except the last season, which was quite a bummer.

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Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I would choose Quality Education and No Poverty. I feel that these goals have the most direct relationship with each other. If you live in poverty, you’ll struggle to get an education. In the Philippines, I’ve seen the situation many times both through my eyes and screens. Helping families in poverty will have a greater impact globally.



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