Saying “No” to Necker? First World solutions to third world problems

First World solutions to first world problems with real life impacts

I want to start by saying that this is a guilt-free article, packed with opportunity and inspiration.  So don’t worry, you needn’t try to hide any first world problems you might have.  It’s not about that.

Besides, having “first world” problems is nothing to be ashamed of if your heart’s in the right place.  After all, we live in the first world, so it’s safe to say that many, if not, all of our problems are going to be from there (here).   But here’s a question.  Should a business owner spend a large sum to visit Richard Branson’s luxurious Necker Island to commune with like-minded entrepreneurs or help provide hope to those eking out an existence in third world conditions?  When you put it like that – the answer seems pretty clear.  The answer that you’d be willing to say out loud in a crowd anyway.  That’s because you have been offered a clear choice between a fair answer and one that ticks an awful lot of boxes and might actually be the perfect one.

Think about this: what if we removed or obscured the second alternative and simply asked, “should a business owner spend a large sum to visit Richard Branson’s luxurious Necker Island to commune with like-minded entrepreneurs?”  Now it feels like the only possible answer is “yes, I’ll just grab my passport and sunhat.”

Tip – Recognise that the biggest first world problem is not a lack of focus but too narrow a focus.  Widen that to see other possibilities and your eyes may be opened (wide) to new opportunities to make a difference.

Malawi – the place and the opportunity

In many ways Malawi, the land-locked east African nation, is a place of striking beauty but it has suffered some cruel blows.  Held to ransom by drought, lack of reliable nutrition and poverty, it shares an unhappy legacy with many other countries whose populations grapple with sickness and despair on a daily basis.

The good thing (and the opportunity) is that a lot of commodities in places like Malawi are very inexpensive when compared to what we pay in our cities and towns.  For example, one dollar for 600ml of bottled water seems like a steal in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.  But in places like Malawi, that dollar could literally change lives – if only for a month.  Put enough of those dollars together and before too long, lives, families, communities are on the road to reclaiming sustainability – planting hope and reaping life.

We feel very passionate about this because we have been inspired by the difference we could help make by supporting carefully selected program partners such at B1G1.

So “no to Necker?”

Yes… and no.  We figured that the wonderful opportunity that is Necker Island will be there for some time to come.  But for the estimated 1.7million people in Malawi who risk disease and even death because of the lack of drinkable water, well, there’s not a moment to lose.

Fact: $0.01aud is the cost of access to water for one day in places like Malawi.

We hope to inspire you to join our journey to provide a country in dire need with one million days of access to clean water through a special initiative we’ll be embarking upon.  It’ll be rewarding, impactful and something you can help with.

We’ll let you know how and share more of our very exciting story, very soon.

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