Inspiring Business for Good with Harvee Pene

Inspiring Business for Good with Harvee Pene

Ladies and gentlemen

My name is Harvee Pene, I believe that GOOD is the NEW GREAT and welcome to episode number one of Inspiring Business for Good.

Basically it’s about showcasing inspirational stories and strategies of businesses that exist for good – the good of their owners, their team, their clients and the world.

A bit of context around who I am and why I am Inspiring Business for Good.

I’m the co-founder of Inspire – Life Changing Accountants and the author of the book – Cashed Up: 7 steps to pull more Money, Time and Happiness from your Business.

We’re best known for having proactively saved our small business clients over $7M in Tax as of November 2018.

And thanks to our Day for a Dollar initiative – for every dollar of tax we proactively save a small business, we give one days access to food, water, health or sanitation to a family in need.

To date we’ve given over 7M days of life changing help to families in need across 16 countries.

Now that’s a big number, but not as big as 1 Billion …

Our big goal is to give 1 billion days of life changing help by 2030, all while helping Young Families use their Small Business to get Cashed Up.

Because we only work with businesses that exist for Good, this podcast is my chance to reach out and to speak to many of our 6 & 7 figure business clients and deconstruct how they make an impact, and ultimately prove that businesses who do good, do better.

Together we’ll explore their relentless pursuit of Impact and Meaning and see the Growth that follows as a result.

So if you’re looking to get Cashed Up, just so you can fly private jets, drive ferraris and make a quick buck … go try make it rain somewhere else!

What I’m about is really getting into the force multipliers, the high value / high impact stuff around –

  • Effective Giving and One for One.
  • Business model design.
  • Vision, Mission & Values led growth.
  • Impact at scale.
  • Revenue, Profit & Cashflow drivers.
  • Attracting top talent.
  • World class Leadership.
  • And Leaving, Living and Leveraging a Legacy.


See, In my own business – Inspire – we are on a mission to become Australia’s Most Impactful Accounting firm and in my own life, “I want to do good. I want the world to be BETTER because I was HERE.”

So selfishly I’m on the lookout for the practical and innovative ways that I can make a bigger impact.

And I figure the best thing about the fact that I get to work with Businesses for Good – helping them Have More, so they can Live More and Give More – is that I get inspired to play a BIGGER GAME everyday, hence this podcast to share some of those stories and ideas as well.

I’m not going to limit this show, just to our clients … I’ll be shining the light on many “B1G1”, “BCorp”, “KPI’s” and other game changers who are using their Business as a force for good.

Each interview will give you unparalleled and specific insights and tools that cost you little or nothing to implement.

Yet, as you’ll see, the impact of them is profound… helping you rapidly accelerate your business growth.

And, perhaps just as importantly, it leaves you, your team and your customers feeling great too knowing that we’re really doing (you guessed it!) Businesses for Good

So I hope you enjoy the podcast.

You can find me at and I hope you will reach out to me to share your inspiring journey also.

Ultimately –

We believe that there’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur.

We believe that the entrepreneurs are the ones who have the creativity, the courage and the resourcefulness to solve the meaningful problems – big or small – that the world is facing.

We really see that people are standing on a mountain of untapped value, that they’ve often lost a bit of perspective on.  Often lost the connection on how to make the most of that value to really make a dent in the universe.

We know – because we see it everyday – that the less time people spend struggling, creates more time and capacity to be able to create some real value in the world.

So in addition to us working to accelerate the rising stars of business, one of our global objectives is to inspire more companies to support – like we do – the global goals through giving and innovation.

And our vision is that business owners and leaders also measure their success on their ability to make a positive impact at scale.

Hence our website – – which we see as impact at scale.

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